Why We Serve Symposium with Utah Governor Spencer Cox

January 8, 2024
The Why We Serve Symposium served as a platform for leaders, policymakers, and citizens to engage in a dialogue about the transformative power of service and explore innovative solutions for building stronger, more resilient communities and restoring the fabric of American democracy.
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Event Partner: LBJ Foundation
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Inside Gov. Cox’s service symposium where he called service, community ‘defining features of the state’

Cox spoke about a legislative effort to give a stipend to high school graduates for a year of service

Let’s put service at the center of national renewal

Co-Authored by More Perfect CEO John Bridgeland and Utah Gov. Spencer Cox

State Innovations in National Service & Volunteering

More Perfect, America’s Service Commissions, and Service Year Alliance's bipartisan report on state innovations in service and volunteering

New Support for State and National Service from Carnegie Corporation of New York

Philanthropic funding seeks to advance civic participation and reduce political polarization
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January 8, 2024