America is trapped in a destructive loop of toxic polarization, in which reflexive “us vs them” thinking is weaponized by purveyors of disinformation, division, extremism, and hate. We must break this loop to restore our relationships, rebuild communities, and renew democracy. Finding a way out requires no more—and no less—than empowering millions of Americans to reject toxic division and embrace civic bridging.

Target Milestones:
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Bridging Divides with the Change Collective

Former Obama and Bush White House Domestic Policy Council Directors discussed bridging divides to solve big challenges with Field Foundation CEO Daniel Ash and members of the Change Collective

Traveling with Dr. King

Many of Martin Luther King Jr.’s closest advisers reflect on the great American leader and their shared quest for a better country.

No Greater Mission. No Greater Means.

How National Service Can Advance Bridgebuilding

President Reagan on the Infrastructure of Democracy

Ronald Reagan in his Westminster address elaborated on the importance of deciding upon individual beliefs while simultaneously coming together despite differences.

"What, to the slave, is the fourth of July?"

Frederick Douglass shared that the Fourth of July may have certain meaning to some but a different meaning to others.

President Obama Champions Democracy in his Farewell Address

Barack Obama gave his farewell address to the American people on January 10, 2017. At this moment during his speech, he emphasized the importance of looking after our democracy.

Chief Joseph on Equal Treatment Under the Law

In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat (Chief Joseph) elaborated on the need to acknowledge native Americans.

President Ford on the Rule of the People

Gerald Ford justified to the people that the American democratic system works as he spoke of restoring the nation after the Watergate scandal.

President Clinton's First Inaugural Address

Bill Clinton gave his first inaugral address and spoke on the subject of American renewal.
May 6, 2022

Strengthening American Democracy through Civic Investment

Discussing the urgent need to invest in civic infrastructure—the local places, programs, media, and people necessary for a healthy civic culture at the local and national level—to strengthen the democratic republic.
This goal does not yet have initiatives associated with it.