America is trapped in a destructive loop of toxic polarization, in which reflexive “us vs them” thinking is weaponized by purveyors of disinformation, division, extremism, and hate. We must break this loop to restore our relationships, rebuild communities, and renew democracy. Finding a way out requires no more—and no less—than empowering millions of Americans to reject toxic division and embrace civic bridging.

Target Milestones:
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President Kennedy's Inaugural Address

John F. Kennedy emphasized the shared fight against the threats to the nation and why freedom, a value meaningful to the nation, must be protected.

FDR's First Inaugural Address

Franklin D. Roosevelt discussed how much democracy has endured.

President Carter: "Human Rights Invented America."

Jimmy Carter's Farewell Address spoke on the subject of human rights and how America was born from the concept.

Susan B. Anthony: Is it a crime for a Citizen of the United States to Vote?

Susan B. Anthony's "On Women's Right to Vote" – excerpt from "Norman Rockwell in Virtual Reality - The Four Seasons"

President Eisenhower on Love and Mutual Respect

Dwight D. Eisehower gave his farewell address, elaborating on uniting despite differences and providing opportunity to all.

Margaret Chase Smith's "Declaration of Conscience" Speech

Margaret Chase Smith explained how Americans need to think as citizens and not by political party.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" Speech

Martin Luther King, Jr. called the country to act on the issue of racial injustice.

President Nixon on the Essence of Freedom

Richard Nixon gave his first inaugural address, speaking on the importance of bringing the country together and ending segregation, discrimination, and injustice.

Let's fight for America by learning to listen first

The year ahead will present both enormous challenge and opportunity for a nation severely fractured across political and myriad other lines.

America Talks: How not to let fear isolate you from people with different opinions

The late comedian Joan Rivers often quipped, “Can we talk?” If her catchphrase was asked today, it might be met with a resounding “No.”

A Nation of Weavers

The social renaissance is happening from the ground up.
May 6, 2022

Strengthening American Democracy through Civic Investment

Discussing the urgent need to invest in civic infrastructure—the local places, programs, media, and people necessary for a healthy civic culture at the local and national level—to strengthen the democratic republic.
This goal does not yet have initiatives associated with it.